About Us

Jr World Explorers was inspired by the passion my daughter (12 then 14 now), and I have in learning, experiencing, and exploring all the wonderful things this life has to offer.

As a single father my focus during my daughters most formative years was to give her the most priceless gift I could give her which is time together; moreover, to expose her to as many experiences as possible. Even tho putting my professional life on hold which limited my financial resources, I wouldn’t of changed a thing. Growing up in a family of athletic and youth programs directors, I was exposed to many of the wonderful resources our communities have for little to no money to enrich her little life.

One day picking my daughter up from school the parents as they did often asked us, what adventure are you two going on today?

My daughter, Mikayla 8 years old at that time in 2016, said dad why don’t we build a free resource site online, so people can just go online to create their own adventures. I smiled and said great idea angel, but that means we are going to have learn how to build a web-site and spend time inside building it. That was important to share with her because both us would rather be outside playing. We aren’t inside people.

She said that’s OK, it can be a fun puzzle we do inside on rainy days sometimes. She brought a smile to my face instantly as she does so often. We spent 10 hours learning WordPress together, and the creation of Jr Explorers of America began.

As time has passed one’s passions grow, change, etc…. She shared with me in February 2020 age 12, that she would love to be an international photographer that writes about what she experiences when she grows up.

Which inspired the creation of Jr World Explorers. You will notice how colorful some continents are vs others. Mikayla definitely has a more colorful mind then her father’s 😉

As a loving and concern parent myself. Couple of my buddies & I have started working on building a children’s/family social media app to help with some of the concerns many parents have for our children; moreover, we asked our children what they would love to see within it, and also chatted with parents to see what they would also like to see.

In the Future we would love to see other passionate parents create their version of Jr Explorers in their own countries, and we will be happy to share as many resources as possible to help that happen. This way when one visits Jr World Explorers and clicks on XYZ country, it will be linked and redirected to that’s countries Jr Explorers site just as one is able to now by clicking on United State; for example, when you click on USA, you will be redirected to Jr Explorers of America.

Personally we believe time is the most priceless commodity we have, so over time our goal is to provide parents with as many tools as possible to have that quality family time together.

It’s our hope in time that many of us may unite on our similarity we all have being part of the human race, and hopefully beyond a dream bringing all of us closer together around the world.

Co-Founder & Inspiration Mikayla McFarland
Working hard on the website
Co-founder Michael McFarland
Love From our Family to Yours
Carpe Diem